Ain't No Smoke

album: Blues, Booze and Bad News
genre: Blues Rock
streams: 47
creation date: 2022-07-05

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A dark tale about the fate of a wife-beater
Ain't No Smoke
Aira Winterland
12/01/22 04:53:53PM @aira-winterland:
Great guitar. Wonderfull blues. Liked very much. Blessings from Brazil ✌️
07/05/22 08:44:12PM @ronbowes:
Much obliged @shane ;-) Thanks @jimsae Thank ya kindly @lodato and thanks @moquinn . I like to think of my darker tracks as cautionary tales ;-)
07/05/22 08:37:14PM @moequinn:
OK finally have the time to take a listen to yet another one of your new songs.
Gotta say....I could not have come this far in not have acquired a thicker skin (so to speak) & I am not faint of the sayings go.......I know that many times the subject matter of your songs should be taken lightly.....& maybe sometimes not....this would be one to be taken lightly...possibly based upon a movie or such.....I do believe I heard some Slide in there...& harmonica....I always enjoy your music no matter what the subject matter....& many times you even make me laugh with your lyrical humor....thanks @ronbowes for all you do & all you share

07/05/22 02:43:10PM @lodato:
You are a hard guy to keep up with!=Prolific in progress! All gems with no exception here. I like this dark tale and the music would fit in with any really good horror flick!
07/05/22 02:04:23PM @jimsae:
Dark tale, and a helluva rocker, RonBo. You handle the subject matter quite well, the lyrics tell a gritty revenge story.
07/05/22 11:31:35AM @shane:
Hey , Ron, checking out your track here. Your post makes me realize, or be reminded of what a wuss i must be . LOL. because the song pic scares me , and the song subject scares me too. LOL. my words are not meant is a bad thing. Not a criticsm. just giving honest gut response. The music is pleasing to my ears though. great track musically. Your vocals are excellent; your gravelly timbre , natural vibrato and pitch is A1 ! Enjoyed the bluesy harmonica and sound all round . Rock on !


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