The Devil's Bride

album: Blues, Booze and Bad News
genre: Blues Rock
streams: 40
creation date: 2022-07-24

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If you ain't good you'll meet her
The Devil's Bride
07/31/22 06:52:42AM @shane:
Hey Ron , i was delighted to see you've released a new album . Made me feel just glad you've brought that all together. Listeneing to your track here. good ole solid good times rock and roll. Your cover pic doesn't scare me like that last song - (meant lighthearted) . well, maybe the pic does scare me a little- that woman has pretty muscular arms. !! these days, you gotta be careful,, never know when you could be admiring a sexy woman , and then realize, it,, not, a woman ,,, lol.


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