Do And Die

album: Blues, Booze and Bad News
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 41
creation date: 2022-08-29

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I had a crap day yesterday and a really crap day today with huge bills attached! So I wrote a song to reflect my mood!
Do And Die
10/03/22 08:08:21PM @ronbowes:
THanks very much @stig-jones and @carol-sue Much obliged ;-)
carol sue
09/07/22 07:20:09PM @carol-sue:
Thought I'd rock on by and visit Bowe's place!
I feel pretty comfortable here, lol. You always spin great tunes!!
***** :)
Sorry to hear you've had crappy days. (I can relate) ::sigh::
Bring on the happy times, leave the crappy one's behind!
Rock on, PaRtNeR! :)

Stig Jones
09/02/22 12:58:47PM @stig-jones:
Excellent Ron , love those dirty guitars ;)
09/01/22 08:57:50AM @ronbowes:
Thanks both @farrell-jackson and @lodato ;-)
08/30/22 06:29:06PM @lodato:
It’s raw. It’s rock. It’s got all the dirt of what makes rock n roll rock! That’s three rocks! Well, now that’s four- Cheers Ron!
Farrell Jackson
08/29/22 07:01:00PM @farrell-jackson:
A cool bit of distortion and over drive on the opening guitar. It fires up the guitar player in me right from the start. The "Do and Die" chorus is as catchy as all get out (American slang meaning as good as it gets). I'm sorry to hear about your bill problems Cuz but at least it spawned a cool song.


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