Like Before

album: Blues, Booze and Bad News
genre: Mellow
streams: 37
creation date: 2022-10-08

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Been clearing up my files and getting tracks together for the new album (unable to record at the moment, temporarily) Found this track - so I cleaned it up...
Like Before
10/08/22 09:19:49PM @moequinn:
glad you rescued this song @ronbowes ~ I like it a's got it all together & it touches my heart IMHO I agree with what @farrell-jackson & @lodato have expressed about this gem
Peace & happy trails to you

Farrell Jackson
10/08/22 02:29:22PM @farrell-jackson:
A cool rock ballad Ron! Your vocal has an emotional element to it that draws the listener in. The backing ooos and ahhhs fill in the gaps nicely and keeps the song flowing...well done!
10/08/22 12:05:48PM @lodato:
I really enjoyed this one Ron! I like your approach and delivery! Strong melodic values!


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