This Conversation is Going Nowhere

album: NA
genre: Rock and Roll
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creation date: 2023-01-03

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Another dysfunctional relationship song.... First completed song of the new year!!
This Conversation is Going Nowhere
01/07/23 07:56:05AM @ronbowes:
Thank you @carol-sue @farrell-jackson @moequinn @stig-jones and @eric-saitz for all the great comments ;-)
Eric Saitz
01/06/23 04:41:29PM @eric-saitz:
"Another dysfunctional relationship song"
My favorite kind ;) What a great song to kick off the New Year.

Stig Jones
01/04/23 05:07:26AM @stig-jones:
I like it a lot Ron, It's a cracker mate :)
01/03/23 10:21:03PM @moequinn:
Wow!!!! Dynomite!!! I love this song @ronbowes & I love the spot on & amusing comments from @farrell-jackson & @carol-sue I am still smiling about this song & the clever reviews from your peers... I love love love this song I want it & a fan I am, I am too
Thanks for all you share ~ my visit here has put me in a very happy state of mind
Happy New Year my friend

Farrell Jackson
01/03/23 11:55:51AM @farrell-jackson:
A real snappy song to start 2023 off with Ronbo! Great vocals and the breaks with the backing "ooos" are a killer production idea. All the guitars sound bright and tight as a frog's behind. Fine work Cuz!
carol sue
01/03/23 11:13:53AM @carol-sue:
Bowes put his 2023 rockin' shoes on and I get to be the first one to comment~ oh, boy! :)
Catchy cool, you! I'll say it again... you are a music energizer bunny. I hope this year you
can start to write some love songs, dance songs, etc.. bcz, even your mad, dysfunctional songs
sound upbeat happy! hehe.. (a fan I am, I am) Fantastic song & performance... catchy-coo!
Happy new year! *****


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