I Bring You Thunder

album: NA
genre: Blues Rock
streams: 31
creation date: 2023-11-04

I Bring You Thunder
11/12/23 10:39:52AM @ronbowes:
Thanks very much @lodato @farrell-jackson @tristynleach and @carol-sue ;-)
carol sue
11/11/23 10:58:51AM @carol-sue:
"I bring you thunder" So...that was your thunder the other night? I was wondering! lol...
Bowes, hats off to you on this very cool tune. Solid vocals and I have to say~ lovin' that guitar...
Dang, crack that thunder some more!! Bravo! ***** (see listener smile--->) :)

11/08/23 08:50:11AM @tristynleach:
Another cool theme and title Ron ,.liked the kind of mid tempo groove nice and clean, but that heavier section was great and fitted just great before returning with the more emotive vocal style and rock ending, cool track, has restraint and power in equal measure
Farrell Jackson
11/05/23 09:17:30AM @farrell-jackson:
This has some great separation, Ron! A cool story and your vocal delivery is engaging. The guitar solos are tasty. The pull back for the outro was a nice surprise. Well done Cuz!
11/05/23 01:14:47AM @lodato:
dig this beat, dig this tune. cool vocal delivery. you know what you're doing! Very cool guitar work and production is way up there!


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