Final Destination

album: NA
genre: Rock
streams: 26
creation date: 2024-04-07

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This may or may not make the album. Testing out it's popularity first.
Final Destination
04/15/24 10:28:47AM @ronbowes:
Thanks to @rob-grant @farrell-jackson and @jimsae for the kind comments
Farrell Jackson
04/13/24 10:00:44AM @farrell-jackson:
I thought this was going to be a Led Zep styled song when it started but as it turned the corner, out came Ronbo's signature sound. Good vocals and the guitar solo break is so cool. As I was just getting into it the song ended...what the hey? I was ready for some more, lol. A good one Ron!!!!
04/11/24 05:49:53PM @jimsae:
Love this one, RonBo! Love the attitude, and the guitar sound is outstanding!
Rob Grant
04/07/24 08:22:38PM @rob-grant:
real nice the drums....You really have a great rock n roll groove going


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