RS Cain
RS Cain
RS Cain

Last Man Alive

album: Bad Choices Make Good Stories
genre: Blues/Rock/Reggae
streams: 22

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I don't want to beThe last man aliveI don't want to beThe last man to be unhappyI don't want to seeThe last sunset seen 'round hereI don't want to beThe...
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This is not the final version. First vocal pass.  Just wanted to get it here in honor of 4/20..... All guitars are by Bitwood Guitars.
Last Man Alive
carol sue
04/22/20 05:31:09AM @carol-sue:
Hi RS! :)
I thought before clicking to listen that you would entertain me completely, lol
Right-oh! Great song and most excellent to hear you again my friend.. fab production!
Stay well~ I wanna hear more. ::encore:: :) *****


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