Bonaventura st.

genre: Alternative Rock
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Lyrics: Eilam SelaMusic: Sagi Subocki Rusty Boilers Members: Arik Bar:               Lead guitar, backing vocalsSagi Subocki:       Lead singer,...
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Fifth single from the upcoming album! Get it on or on Bandcamp -
Bonaventura st.
Rusty Boilers
10/16/21 01:27:06PM @rustyboilers:
Thank you so much!
You really managed to capture the essence of the song in your review.
We’re so happy you liked it 🙏
We will be more than happy if you get a chance to check out our other tracks:
Thank you!!

Rusty Boilers
10/16/21 01:20:34PM @rustyboilers:
Thank you Gary! Happy you liked it!
We invite you to check our other tracks:
Thank you!

Farrell Jackson
10/16/21 10:27:20AM @farrell-jackson:
This is a lovely song that tells a moving story. I like the production/mix and the way it starts out sparse and continues to build to the end. Another highlight for me was the whistling. You don't hear that very often in songs nowadays. Well done Rusty Boilers!
Gary Dabrowski
10/15/21 12:56:22PM @gary-dabrowski:
sounds great guys!...may your upcoming album sell a gazillion copies...Shalom
Rusty Boilers
10/14/21 07:23:34PM @rustyboilers:
@queen-regina, Thank you so much!, happy that you like the song and thanks for the very nice review!!
Rusty Boilers
10/14/21 07:19:44PM @rustyboilers:
@the-gigglefits Thanks Tony!, happy that you like the song !!
If you issue a post on FB/Twitter or else and tag us, we'll be happy to promote your show.
Check also "Milano Is By My Side" - you may like it as well.

Queen Regina
10/14/21 07:17:32PM @queen-regina:
Very beautiful. Gentle as the breeze, but strong as the gust of winter. Great story song. Crossing the line, of mighty fine. The brass beautiful, but the whistle, sealed the deal. #QueenReginaPickHit #OutstandingMusic2021 #Fabutastic #QueenReginaPickhit
The Gigglefits
10/14/21 07:14:18PM @the-gigglefits:
I am Dj Tony C I am so loving this one will be spinning it on Air tonight


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