Instrumental Jam

album: Dazed
genre: Instrumental Rock
streams: 3,524
creation date: 2007-09-23

Instrumental Jam
12/30/20 06:46:40PM @lodato:
It as musical as it sounds in every way
Incarnate Word
03/10/10 02:00:43AM @incarnate-word:
Dude you have killer guitar tones coming out in this and this is nothing less than fantastic. lots of energy and real feel good. Excellent Job.
Incarnate Word
03/10/10 02:00:27AM @incarnate-word:
Dude you have killer guitar tones coming out in this and this is nothing less than fantastic. lots of energy and real feel good. Excellent Job.
Farrell Jackson
04/29/10 12:02:48PM @farrell-jackson:
An instrumental???? No singing????? Ha, I'm just saying what folks say to me when I throw out the occasional instrumental Dazed, lol. It's great to hear you play some electric guitar with some fine riffage I might add! I like songs like this that have a distinct melody rather than just some improvised jamming on the guitar.....it's much more interesting to me. Good stuff!


08/31/09 08:07:47PM @starsaje:
Hey! First off, thanks for the positive review of my music.. I love this track. Just a sweet, straight foward good-vibes instrumental. Nice!
02/15/09 10:20:37AM @jdk:
Instrumental Rock- another professionally done track by Dazed. the drums are just great, with a solid bass line. nice guitars fill this tight structure. enjoyed it.


10/05/08 10:41:10AM @test200:
Lots of cool progressions as it rocks along. That riff is a great hook, stand up and get the air guitars happenin, has that get up feel to it. Nice jam flow to it also, could be some pyrotechnics added, but stands on its own as a song with a great drive.
10/05/08 01:03:06AM @matthew-j-hoffman:
Hi Dazed, this song reminds me of some of the driving instrumentals in racing games like "Jet Moto". Very nice, forward moving piece. I like your minor key change around :40. Great transition. - Matthew
10/02/08 11:21:07AM @slowmarchingband:
Well, I think this goes beyond the 'jam' catagory! I love the collab you've got going on here. Nice guitar groove that sets the tone for this piece. Drums and bass are rock solid. An excellent song IMO!!
09/27/08 07:38:56AM @the-autumleaf:
I ve been playing this song every time I come to the site for some time now Wish there was vocal to it. Beautiful creation Rock guitaring at best excellent drumming -reg

09/26/08 06:52:24AM @syngularity:
Great drive, fantastic drum feeling and a very melodic guitar mix. It's a nice surprise to hear you in an "instrumental way" - just the right choice for my music playlist on the road!

09/15/08 07:20:52AM @emphyrio:
I realy enjoyded this song, Dazed.
Nice guitar picking, great harmonics and a well thought thru arrangement.

Lyricks uplift the song to a higher level. Awesome voice.


TJ Gardner
09/10/08 08:18:46AM @tommy-gardner:
This is an awesome track, I love the feel of this one it keeps one entreged to what is next. I will add this one to my favs.
09/05/08 10:33:31PM @tweakdaddy:
It has a easy flow to it

09/03/08 03:17:09PM @test4454:
Rockin' Dazed! Got that Styx / Loverboy feeling flowing in this tune - great jammin'! Killer tone on that axe! Cheers, Bob
07/17/08 08:07:36AM @tcp:
Dazed... The song has an easy going feel with a bit of an attitude. Especially like what your lead is doing against the very cool chord progression. Very expressive playing..and the bass pulls it weight quite nicely! Smooth delivery on this compelling structure make this a great listen....Blake
06/11/08 05:20:39PM @soundtrapper:
What a fun tune. Get's ya in the groove and ride on.
Really good sound and mix.

Paul Oakley
06/07/08 10:33:37AM @paul-oakley:
So... how do you find time to run a website, make music AND redesign wayward members IMS pages?!! This is a really nice, straight forward rocker that is just fun :) Everything sounds good and in the right place in the mix.

Cool song!!


05/22/08 10:04:37PM @hydrogen3:
Nice combination of rythm & solo guitars! I can see this type of arrangement in a media type production such as a movie sound track.
04/28/08 06:47:45PM @michael-styron:
Kool Nice Rockin tune !
04/23/08 02:03:33AM @buddrumming:
Hi Dazed... I always forget how good a musician you are....love this grove...nice work....:) Thx,Bud
Artist Test
12/23/09 05:59:42AM @artist-test:
Test Review 3
04/16/08 08:18:18AM @the-deep:
Hi Dazed,, I love this. - This is most enjoyable in the sound and playing. Reminds me very very much of some rockin band -- and i just can't seem to pin down what it's connecting me to.

The guitar lead hook is certainly a strong point in this recording. very uplifting in feel.

01/07/08 11:20:27PM @brian-mattson:
Nice instrumental. The drums are pushing some of the fills a little, but then again, that's whats keeping the song moving along. Excellent sound ... you always know how to get the best out of a mix.
12/21/07 08:30:12PM @vesa:
Really enjoy the vocals; harmonies really stand out. Most top notch artistry. Great guitar work. A fine production; good lyrics, great guitar -simply soars away neatly...and all instruments in their right placement. A soulful sound;indeed.
-Vesa (Your Canadian friend).

Luca Wulf
12/10/07 08:14:37AM @huge-artist:
Cool stuff guys...
I didn't expect anything less :)
I have only been here a short time,but I have listened to much both here and at Nexus,enough to know class songs when I hear them.
I used to write nothing but instrumentals,and I know it is an artform all in itself.
To sustain the interest,you have to start off with a solid gold riff or pattern.
This feels very joyous?
Very uplifting.
It almost feels like spacerock to me...
It has the upbeat,alive feel,the classic rock feel...
As a life long space cadet,I LOVE it :)
Was sad to hear it fade.
Cracking song.

The Doctor
12/06/07 01:36:17PM @misterh-and-the-old-school:
Wow, what a cool jam!!!! Liked this one through and through bro. Could use a keyboard (LOL).
You sound like a musician I'd like to play with, my friend. Great job.

Doctor C
12/05/07 10:18:05PM @doctor-c:
Great track! My kind of music. Superbly performed, arranged and produced. Pure delight!
11/17/07 08:50:14PM @tlt50:
Super....rock jam. Great choice of chord progressions and arranging.Outstanding production !
The bass and guitar players seemed like they've been together forever....Whoops,I need to reseach better.....Dazed.....outstanding work !! Warren ,must be pleased to collab on such an excellent track,and he came thru wtih sweet and solid results.........

11/15/07 08:32:00AM @lex-zaleta:
Y'all sure don't make no junk :-) !! Top-shelf performances and pro production all the way on this one. Someone on this site has to have some lyrics this song can wrap itself around. It's too good to be overlooked by many because it's an "instrumental."
11/15/07 02:18:42AM @shane:
This track, comes on with an instant, instant,, pro sound. Your art of production is certainly tops. Great punching drivin music.

Rob Grant
11/13/07 05:38:59AM @rayon-vert:
Rhythm guitar tone, right away reminded me of Boston........but the song was very original sounding. Very nice jam to work on.........sounds like it would be a rock bass players delight......lots of drive. GREAT JOB!!


11/08/07 08:06:42AM @ab1:
well the 5 rating is easy to confirm from the opening bars.. i love guitar music when it's good and this is better than that.. for me it's a first to have such an acomplished active musician as site boss/guru.. i for one find this the most promising atmosphere for all us home searching mixpo crew.. it looks great and feels friendly and supportive.. what more could a musician ask for? cheers D.. :-)
11/06/07 10:52:08PM @ace-layton:
Really flavorful and clean rock jam here guys! Cool themes and solid arrangement. The sound is perfect!


10/08/07 05:17:40AM @robert-smith:
That sounds great - nice guitar sound and playing.

Drums come through nice and clear as well.

Rock n roll!!!!!

09/29/07 02:20:15PM @michael:
Great song guys ..Love that lyric and the music has a great feel to it
Grumpy Old Player
09/24/07 08:03:01AM @thedonsterproject:
I like this one alot!

Has that 'jump for joy' feel to it... :shock: Well, at least for me it does... :oops:

Well done!

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

10/11/07 12:00:25AM @michael-nunley:
Your vocals are always so good , I forget you ( and FL ) put together great backgrounds too. W.P. is a great addition here. Nice kit.


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