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@lostjoes, 07/08/16 06:11:39PM
the last good bye is a purtty cool tune....well done dazed
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@Piyali, 07/08/16 03:19:04PM
Have been enjoying your wonderful songs dear Dace. Keep the them coming! :)
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@mikestrat664, 11/20/14 09:30:07PM
My name is Michael Paul Stratton, and I am a funny hip hop music artist, please check out my funny songs for laughs, and giggles!
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@Dark_Heaven333, 08/16/14 12:52:37AM
Hi Dazed...I have released a new song. Appreciate if you give a review on the song...Thanks..link follows..

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@DJ-WaPer, 11/02/13 03:19:46AM
HI Boss! I can't pm you, so I will write here... Last day I tried to log in thru FB acc and that created a new acc here on mix. Now the system always want me to log in to new profile (I don't know how i did it now) but its annoys me. And one more thing... after that false log in the header is messed up totally. I hope you can fix it easily. Best regards!

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@songdoc, 09/23/13 12:10:56PM
Hey Todd, again I wasn't sure how to pm you. One of my most loyal fans, and one who listens to much music on Mixposure as well, told me she is yet unable to play any music on Mix since the changeover. She said she has a new, Windows 7 computer but that is all I know. She is very frustrated. I have her email address if you like but I don't want to post it where others might see it. Perhaps you could send me your e mail address?
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@vigwig, 08/14/13 07:21:16AM
I couldn't find how to PM you and know you are tired of glitches being pointed out like megapoint news headlines. But here I am to point out that the various charts and lists are scrambled. For example. the new song result is a table of 1 song and that one song shows up on page 1 of 1067 and at least through 4/1067 and other charts are similar. As a DJ I make heavy use of the new song chart and genre chart and am just letting you know. P.S. I know I use big words and sound funny but I can't help it and it does take MUCH more typing and leaves me open to a plethora of typos and is frustrating to have to spend much time tediously making corrections. If one is in text chat in a crowd one appears slow-witted, out of sync with the topic and one looks to be speaking in tongues. Vic
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@BucTheGreat, 04/28/09 05:36:30PM
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Jesse Mobley
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@BucTheGreat, 03/03/09 09:04:36PM
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@BucTheGreat, 05/26/08 06:25:06PM
Enjoyed "She Was Always Right". Good tune... keep it up.

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@BucTheGreat, 12/31/07 11:09:08PM
Very cool sounds. I love it.. man this site rocks
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@BucTheGreat, 02/09/08 10:16:01AM
Hi Dazed, just wanted to drop you a line to tell you what a great job I think you've done with this site. This is BY FAR the best independent music site. I am proud to send people here to check out my stuff. (and all the other great music here as well)
Kepp up the great development!!
thanks - DG
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@BucTheGreat, 08/19/09 04:42:27PM
love the sound and the guitars... thank you.