CollabWanted - How To

By Dazed, 2013-09-06

Collab Wanted Tab
I thought we would try this everyone. It has been suggested that we need a better way to do collaborations. What I decided to do was to just create a new tab here called Collab Wanted. In order for this to work, here is what you need to do.

1. Create a new blog with what you are looking for in a collab

2. For the Blog Category, YOU MUST USE "CollabWanted" (this is case sensitive)

Anyone can use this area so please respect it!

Is this ok?

Test Embed

By Dazed, 2013-08-26

{jrYouTube_embed} invalid value received for "youtube_id" parameter ()

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Dazed Bio

By Dazed, 2010-12-31

<p>Thanks for reading my Bio. Eventually I will get around to finishing it!</p>

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I Come in Pieces

By Dazed, 2010-07-14


It feels good to be working on some music again! We just did a new acoustic tune called I Come In Pieces .

Blog 2

By Dazed, 2010-03-02

<p>Blog 2</p>

Blog 1

By Dazed, 2010-03-02

<p>Blog 1</p>


By Dazed, 2010-02-09

<p>I just wanted to thanks everyone for all of the reviews on our music. It is greatly appreciated!!</p>

Woodstock Revisted

By Dazed, 2009-08-15

Since  Rogers-Tennison Band posted about Woodstock I was searching around youtube for some footage and this one was always one that caught my attention. Especially when you consider it was over 8 minutes and was captivating the whole time..


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