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I Come in Pieces

By Dazed, 2010-07-14


It feels good to be working on some music again! We just did a new acoustic tune called I Come In Pieces .

Blog 1

By Dazed, 2010-03-02

<p>Blog 1</p>

Blog 2

By Dazed, 2010-03-02

<p>Blog 2</p>


By Dazed, 2010-02-09

<p>I just wanted to thanks everyone for all of the reviews on our music. It is greatly appreciated!!</p>

Woodstock Revisted

By Dazed, 2009-08-15

Since  Rogers-Tennison Band posted about Woodstock I was searching around youtube for some footage and this one was always one that caught my attention. Especially when you consider it was over 8 minutes and was captivating the whole time..


I'm just saying....

By Dazed, 2009-04-23

<p>I still have no new songs in the works! I am working on a few collabs but every time I start doing vocals, I have my 3 year old coming in the room saying, "what are you doing?" So eventually I will figure out the timing and get something done.&nbsp;</p><p>Thanks to everyone for stopping my my page. Hey maybe I can get an instrumental done!</p><p>Dazed</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Test 2

By Dazed, 2008-10-05


Saturday Night Radio Show

By Dazed, 2008-08-23

I wanted to thank all of the people that went to the chat room for the radio show last night! Wildcherry and I had a lot of fun doing the show but I must admit, I will be happy when Mike comes back lol. It takes a lot of prep time to get the show ready!!<br /><br />Thanks again for supporting Mixposure and the fantastic artists that are here!<br /><br />Dazed

Way to go Rapster!

By Dazed, 2008-07-03

Way to go Jose for hitting the 1000+ Review mark!! We appreciate you taking the time and energy to review all those songs Rapster!<br /><br />Dazed


By Dazed, 2008-05-07

<p>Just wanted to thank everyone for their feedback on the Prison of Love song I did with Carol Douglas' lyrics.</p>
<p>Most appreciative!!</p>

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