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user image 2013-09-06
By: Dazed
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Collab Wanted Tab
I thought we would try this everyone. It has been suggested that we need a better way to do collaborations. What I decided to do was to just create a new tab here called Collab Wanted. In order for this to work, here is what you need to do.

1. Create a new blog with what you are looking for in a collab

2. For the Blog Category, YOU MUST USE "CollabWanted" (this is case sensitive)

Anyone can use this area so please respect it!

Is this ok?

Marco Akamawa
08/09/14 12:14:43PM @marco-akamawa:
Veeery cool idea indeed! I'll definitely use/make use of it!
09/07/13 11:11:57AM @admin:
Hopefully this will help. If it does not get used we will just pull it out. No blood no foul!
09/07/13 09:28:38AM @gene-smith:
Very cool Dazed, I think this will be very helpful.


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