Mosh pit anyone?

By ozthe2, 2011-10-17

<p><a href=";song_id=26227&amp;band_id=904">;song_id=26227&amp;band_id=904</a></p>

<p>Check out this new metal song unlike anything you've heard.&nbsp; Fresh from the studio today it's the first of 9 tracks.&nbsp; Review it if you give a rats ass.</p><p><a href=""></a></p>

<p>Check out our new track if you can be arsed.</p>

Name Change

By ozthe2, 2010-07-23

<p>Due to a line-up change, we are now called: WARBOUND</p>

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As the Blood Flows - please review this thrash song.

<p>Please review this thrash song if you have 5 minutes to spare.</p><p>Now with added guitar solos. Sweet.</p>

Band Name Change

By ozthe2, 2008-08-03

We've changed our name to: RAZE<br /><br />The website url is still the same: <a href=""></a> but will change shortly to <a href=""></a>

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New Thrash Track - please review

By ozthe2, 2012-01-12

<p>Please listen\review this old-school thrash song</p><p><a href=";song_id=27194&amp;band_id=904">;song_id=27194&amp;band_id=904</a></p>

Enemy Unknown

By ozthe2, 2007-11-24
Enemy Unknown

<p>No &quot;check us out and all that we&#39;ve done&quot; crap.&nbsp; Just 5 boys from UK making metal and luvin&#39; it.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Visit us here: <a href=""></a> or here: <a href=""></a> </p>

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