Bloodbash - Feb. 23-24!

By Scarecrowz, 2024-01-11
Bloodbash - Feb. 23-24!
Alright, folks. First show for us in 2024 is now booked. We are proud to be apart of this cause. Thanks so much to Rohan of Resist The Throne for inviting us. Hope to see you there!

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By Scarecrowz, 2023-12-22


Whoa, what a busy lasts few months! Just getting around to updating you all since we finally got some down time to do so. Below is a number of things we did and accomplished this year...

Demos - we completed them just this month and will now look at some options for the pro-recording of our next album. Can't wait to get that started and put out some new music for you all!

Shows - we did a few more in the Autumn and they were alot of fun. Thanks to all the people who came out. Brad Lake at Pandamonium Promotions . Also a shout out to all the bands we played with ( Mad Wet Sea , Sweet Machete , Highfront , Dali Van Gogh , innuendo , Fortunate Losers , Seven Days Of Fire , @ultimis, Not My Enemy , Dirty Cheat , LE REVENANT , @vaste, OLD SKOOL , Change My Brain With Cakes . Special shout out to Patrick Watters for the bookings. The venues we played at: The Brass Monkey Rainbow Bistro The Mansion Kingston Piranha Bar, Mavericks , La Maison Tavern / The House . Hope to see you again next year!

Charts - "Hangover In Hannover" received a 9-straight weeks at #1 on N1M - Music .com "Clever Pennies, Reborn and One For The Road" also made comebacks on that site and Aurovine atop the charts. Incidently this pushed us past the 250,000 play mark on As well, we were again a consistent leader for our area on the ReverbNation website.

Radio-Streaming - Thanks to Aurovine and CompiGram for their assistance and support in promoting our music!

Copyright and Performance Royalties - As always, SOCAN Music has our back so thanks again to them for their efforts to get us the money we worked hard for!

Fandom - Last but not least, thank YOU for your undying support of us and our endeavours. You guys help us grow and continue to do what we do and what we want to do for you and ourselves!

on behalf of the band, have a great Holiday season. Stay safe and rock on!

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Never to late to get an album review. This is another one that's just come in. Thanks @ragworld

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Scarefest 2023!

By Scarecrowz, 2023-07-21
Scarefest 2023!

Past The Post Productions presents: Scarefest 2023! Scarefest is back!! This time we have another great lineup of acts.[]%7D

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Kingston Bound!

By Scarecrowz, 2023-05-08
Kingston Bound!

CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT: We're headed to Kingston, Ontario in just over a months time! SEE YOU THERE!!


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Happy Holidays from Scarecrowz

By Scarecrowz, 2022-12-24
Happy Holidays from Scarecrowz

Hi all,

As the year comes to a close, the band would like to send out a big THANK YOU to all of who listened to us on streaming platforms, came to or promoted our shows and/or bought our Merch. As well, to a few whom made 2022 a great year…

Rainbow Bistro
Video City TV LLC
Denis Lavigne at Vigne Management
Medhi and Co. at Mavericks
Laughing in Slow Motion
Hard As A Rock
Eve Of Uprise
Darcy Munro
Jon and Co. at LIVE on Elgin
Fx May Vary
Julian Leblanc
Kay Rock
Karolina Dumas
Brad Lake
PandaMonium Promotions
James at Tipping Point
Seven Days Of Fire
Deadbeat Rebels
Wyntr - Hard Rock from Ottawa
Skotti & staff The Brass Monkey
Nick Austin Indie Pool

Bryon William Harris at BWH Music Group
Hazel Lynne Dumaran
Peter/Jitka Jam Barn
Sara at Sare's Invasion and
Ryan at CompiGram
Michael Fisher at #fishmix
Pat Dalton at WNIR Radio

Cheers and see you in 2023!!

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Scarecrowz Spotify Playlist!

By Scarecrowz, 2022-10-17
Scarecrowz Spotify Playlist!

We put together a Spotify list of what we think is Scarecrowz best tracks. Which ones do you think are the best produced?

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Brass Monkey - 24 September 2022

By Scarecrowz, 2022-09-15
Brass Monkey - 24 September 2022

Reminder for next week: we still have a few tickets left so let us know if you're still interested and haven't got yours yet!

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