The end of summer

album: Something's coming soon
genre: Pop,Soul,Electro Pop,R&B
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Soulful love soft up tempo balladMusic by Pietro FaraLyrics by SceldraAll rights reservedCopyright 2010
The end of summer
05/17/14 09:24:06PM @sceldra:
Hi there@The-Truevulgarians ;-) Thanx for listening and comments,the title of my song is inspired to a love story that has its sad ending in the summer time.....So it is a summer love..LOL;-) WE DO NOT WANT TO END IT BEFORE IT GETS STARTED I LOVE THE SUN ;-) THANK YOU INDEED
05/17/14 08:19:38PM @the-truevulgarians:
This is a very nicely crafted song with an excellent vocal performance. First rate production. My only complaint would be the title... let's not end it before it gets started! lol


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