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New Collab with Carol Douglas

By selftort, 2008-09-10

Carol sent me the lyrics for a Two Grand Wager some time ago. Although the structure and the melody pretty much jumped off the lyric page at me it's taken a little while to get it all together.<br /><br />It's based on a true story, although Carol's subsequent research has revealed that the wager was only 800 pounds. But at the current conversion rate that pretty much equates to $2,000AU, and anyway Two grand" scans better than "eight hundred pound sterling".<br /><br />Not sure of the present mix. The violins, violas, cellos and accordions may be a little bit too far below the guitars, and I'm not convinced about some of my guitar work. So feel free to offer any suggestions for improvement.<br /><br />Cheers<br /><br />Brian