By SelfXplanatory, 2011-11-20

<p>Tupac Shakur once said,"I don't see myself being special;I just see myself having more responsibilities than the next man. People look to me to do things for them,to have answers."&nbsp; For music artist/songwriter Self-Xplanatory,there is never a better comparison when it comes to his music. His style and personality thrives throughout the sounds,as expressive as the instruments. Unique and distinguished. Comical,intelligent,yet sexy. Mostly his creativity,which compels the listener on all musical genre levels,to unplug their eardrums.&nbsp; The Release of his 1st Lp 'Self-Xplanatorium Renaissance I' in 2004 created the universal creative platform and blueprint Self-Xplanatory needed,to study,in order to further his stylistic perfection. In 2006 he released his first mixtape entitled, 'O.G.O.D. Renaissance Vol.1' Practicing his diversity and stylistic approach Self-Xplanatory released his 2nd Lp in 2007 entitled,'Self-Xplanation Renaissance II'. With friend and producer Vic Da Creed (from Manchester,Pennsylvania) Self-Xplanatory conquered the meaning of versatility,while fulfilling the enjoyment of story telling, imagination, and life. &nbsp;&nbsp; The Release of his 2nd mixtape in 2009 entitled 'O.G.O.D Renaissance Vol. 2' returned instant popularity amongst fans over the U.S. as they pondered over who could this hip-hop sensation can be. Finding his long awaited stylitic,jazzy, yet comical approach to the music industry as the perfection of Self-Xplanatory,he released his 3rd and 4th Lp's entitled,'Self-Xamination Renaissance III and Self-Xpected Renaissance IV at his album release party in the year 2010 in Madison, Alabama. The harmony of bass and harmonicas ripple through songs like,'Atlantis' or the soft bells and mellow tones of the song entitled,'SxtheGod', allowed Self-Xplanatory to open the ears of the public through natural sounds,meanwhile Self-Xpected reflects the heart and courage of the streets to speak what no other artist could ever do. The Truth.</p>

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