Silent Stranger
Silent Stranger

Rosemary (Alternate Mix)

album: Silent Stranger
genre: Rock
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Come inside girl, come in with meDon’t be afraid, its time you were freeI’ll show you I love you, with each passing dayThere’s plenty of time, so there must...
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A love song about wanting to be with someone forever, no matter the consequences.
Rosemary (Alternate Mix)
Silent Stranger
04/30/17 10:39:02AM @silent-stranger:
Thanks so much Tricia. Glad you like it.
Silent Stranger
04/26/17 10:30:17AM @silent-stranger:
Thanks Farrell, more songs are being uploaded, all written by me. Other members did write songs but having moved on in order to make a living, we've lost touch.
Farrell Jackson
04/26/17 10:22:41AM @farrell-jackson:
This is a good song....too bad about the band going separate ways in 1988 but such is life. It's happened to many of us. You all wrote and recorded three good songs during your time....are there more?


Silent Stranger
04/26/17 08:31:54AM @silent-stranger:
Thanks Gary, I actually uploaded the wrong file a few days ago, but it has the correct file now. Have another listen.
Gary Shukoski
04/26/17 02:23:28AM @gary-shukoski:
This is beautiful! Great music, chord choices, and vocal harmonies! Love the piano throughout too.


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