The Kiss (Every Woman Knows)

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The Kiss (Every Woman Knows)
03/03/14 02:29:58AM @kitmann:
Awesome lyrics, and I am in love with the sound your getting on your guitar. Wow Slider this is sweet. You got almost a Tom Petty type vocal but not as high...oooops no pun intended :)
Michael Slider
03/02/14 01:34:46PM @slider:
Thank you so much Hooker Green, Carol Sue, and Farrell Jackson
you are all so kind.

Farrell Jackson
03/02/14 01:22:40PM @farrell-jackson:
Good song and lyric! I wish you had put up the lyric and song info. As a listener I enjoy reading those as the song plays....I like to gain insight of behind the music.


03/01/14 02:30:07PM @hooker-green:
What a smart idea to use such electronic effect. Very cool!! Like the way you present the tune with your expressive voice.
My congrats.
Hooker Green


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