stephan foster
stephan foster


album: Acoustic Noodles
genre: Acoustic
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Not a new song but I finally got around to recording for Rebecca on our 39th anniversary (she’s been putting up with me for a long time!)
04/24/22 11:48:21AM @shane:
This just sounds real good ! Gorgeous love song. ! in all aspects your sound is good here- the Bass, the acoustic Guitar, and the velvet nice sound of your electric gtr riffs. and , your vocal and the lyrics.
stephan foster
04/23/22 10:42:51PM @stephan-foster:
Thanks Farrell! It’s a 335 clone direct through THX3 amp sim with chorus and compressor.
Farrell Jackson
04/23/22 12:45:46PM @farrell-jackson:
It started with the cool lead guitar intro and I like it already Stephan! A fine tribute to Rebecca and the 39 years you have shared together. Is it the Strat and a Blues Jr. you are playing? The guitar has a cool and clean tone with lot's of tube sustain...nice! I may be wrong but that's the sound I'm hearing.


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