Stoney - Ian Burrage
Stoney - Ian Burrage
Stoney - Ian Burrage

If You Know What To Believe by Stoney

Category: Music
Duration: 00:02:55
This is a rather strange track developed from an old demo of mine ... the guys have developed this beyond anything I could have expected. Billy's horn section is superb .... Andy came up with a fabulous blue grass bass shape (very strange) and what can I say about J's wild honky tonk piano was just made for a Jerry Lee Lewis style video performance.
The lyric idea is rather old now but I guess still very relevent ... it is basically an anti corruption/extremism rant ... not aimed at any specific political party or religion but generally about the kind of story we see every day on the news.
Guitars/Horns -Billy Playle
Bass/Backing vox- Andy Gupta
Keys - Jay Schankman
Drums/Vocals/Music/Production - Ian Burrage
If You Know What To Believe ( Burrage )
Verse 1
Hey look another sacred cow
They're all around me now
Up the stairs and down the hall
There's no escape at all
Jokers to the left
Jokers to the right
A central path is what I'm taking
A little long but fascinating............If you know what to believe
Verse 2
Hey look another bogus priest
Check him out there's nothing underneath
Give him money make him smile
Come to god and go in style
Verse 3
Hey look another holy war
Is this one worth fighting for
Kill yourself & prove them right
Politics is god tonight


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