tony cee
tony cee
tony cee

every single piece of me

album: angels dancing on my tongue
genre: blues
streams: 156

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song about my brother paul…..hope you like it thanks for your time
every single piece of me
04/11/21 04:48:21PM @bad-love-junkie:
Reading who the song is about really pulled on my heartstrings. Great voical delivery on those lyrics Tony. I really enjoyed this one :)

03/20/19 08:57:02AM @billypettit:
I really liked the lyrics and the sound you got out of the guitar. Great job.
Gary Dabrowski
03/17/19 01:00:09PM @gary-dabrowski:
heart-wrenching song Tony...reminded me of my younger brother Tom whose life came to a sad end...
Paul rainbird
03/06/19 03:47:51AM @paul-rainbird:
Great Song great lyrics love it
congratulations Tony well deserved😎

Lonesome wolf
03/05/19 09:55:05AM @paul-grimwood:
Great song Tony!!Congratulations!!
carol sue
03/04/19 08:54:43PM @carol-sue:
Congratulations Tony Cee~ Mixposure's Song of the week!!
Very well deserved my friend! Not only do you create great music, but you show positive support
to the other artists here. You're priceless, Tony! It's an honor to know you my friend, and a joy to listen to your wonderful music!! Keep them coming! ~Bravissimo! *****

Frank Northcutt
03/02/19 10:27:38AM @frank-northcutt:
Powerful and poignant, Tony. You have a real talent for lyric and melody.
• Henderson & Hemmerling
02/27/19 10:38:59PM @henderson-hemmerling:
Hemmerling here......Man, I love this tune! You sound so much like Rod Stewart in the chorus, very cool!
carol sue
02/27/19 08:06:31PM @carol-sue:
I do like it.. a lot~ and I bet your brother does as well.
Very nice tone in your voice, Tony. Sounds smooth and silky sweet!

• Henderson & Hemmerling
02/27/19 09:53:19AM @henderson-hemmerling:
This is wonderful! Excellent production and playing! Well done.


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