Stoney - Ian Burrage
Stoney - Ian Burrage
Stoney - Ian Burrage

Your Old Guitar by Stoney

Category: Music
Duration: 00:04:29
This was a nice easy little tune ... just me this time ... I hope you like it

On Your Old Guitar --- I Burrage May 2020

Just Listen to me
And you will soon see
That we make it just to break it
Others complicate it

So I sing it too loud
And I gather a crowd
Coz we all reach out to do it
Everyone goes through it

Don't play me your dreams
Don't sing me your lies
Half truths and smiles --- Don't fake it
I won't listen to songs
Written in your car
On your old guitar

If you follow the sun
Life's a difficult one
I could drive from here tomorrow
or walk away from sorrow

My life's in a case
You wont remember my face
But music can last longer
A message often stronger

My life's on the road
It's safer there I'm told
No little eyes that know you
Or boxes to control you

I soon will be gone
But you'll remember the one
Who showed you how to fake it
You never will mistake it


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