Voices In My Head

album: Synthia
genre: Metal
streams: 185

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Welcome to our Second Studio Song for Album Number 2. The song is Called " Voices In My Head" We bring you a Dynamic Power Symphonic Orchestrated...
Voices In My Head
03/13/22 10:08:11PM @jmo:
Heard this tonite on Ron's show.. I like it!!
03/13/22 05:38:46PM @lorne-reid:
Great sounding track! heavy but smooth!
Queen Regina
03/12/22 09:06:32AM @queen-regina:
Wow. Excellent metal rock. Top notch #Hot2022Music #MetalGodess #Synthia sure delivers what we all feel when the #VoicesInMyHead scream & shout. No doubt, I sure battle my head. Relatable. Those dark moods get in our heads & they get loud. Blessings ☕. Music therapy is my remedy. Looks like I'm not alone there either. Shut them off. Feeling lost.
Wonderful art. Because its real.

Michael Slider
03/11/22 11:58:31PM @michael-slider:
Excellent bro. This is great !
The Gigglefits
03/09/22 03:05:53PM @the-gigglefits:
We are so loving this one
03/09/22 09:37:36AM @ronbowes:
Another dose of quality heavy rockin'! Great job Synthia 😎 🤟


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