Schizoid & Guntrip

album: Fantastic Dreamer
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 862
creation date: 2010-08-20

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schizoid & guntrip blistering sun for days i’ve runhiding myself from you… hiding myself from you bleedingconcealingpleading leave me alone… get your...
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From the musical product of Jack's slightly warped mind - further twisted by Henry's, comes this short TCP remake. Not fully mastered. Free download until...
Schizoid & Guntrip
Gary Shukoski
05/15/17 07:43:27PM @gary-shukoski:
Awesome work, guys! Haven't been disappointed by one of your tracks yet. This is no exception. A most entertaining listen!
Rob Grant
08/25/10 05:04:51PM @rayon-vert:
Hey YOU!!! Why didn't you tell me, you had a new song!?!?!?!?! Very glad I dropped in today and caught this. Love the power here......and that Bass sounds AWESOME!!! That the 6 stringer? What an EXCELLENT tone!!!!! You guys are AWESOME!!! This has a little King Crimson feel, in the power behind it, in front of it and all around it. Great guitar work and Vox!!!

08/23/10 04:25:39PM @chrickon:
Amazing track and performance by all!! Love it!!

08/22/10 04:36:11PM @digger-stone:
this is a great song played by some amazing muzos! man that was just fantastic! when bri-an says you have to hear this! people listen! hahaha well done gents. really great!


08/22/10 01:45:11PM @wrightdude:
B - Only "slightly" warped? I'll have to try harder next time! ;) Now H on the other hand.... DEFINATELY more than "slightly" warped! :) Always an honor and pleasure you guys!!!!

08/22/10 01:11:36PM @josephrodz:
Realy kikin azz tune,we're gonna play it next week on THE METAL MASTER SHOW!

08/22/10 01:03:00PM @gabriel-sabadi:
oh yeah...forgot.....5 STARS !
08/22/10 01:02:08PM @gabriel-sabadi:
This is outstanding guys. I was listening to it just before the servers went down so didn't get a chance to make any comments, but whoah, what a monster piece. Love the reverb use here, just the right amount for that extra sparkle and depth. I could go in to all the instruments but why bother. Amazing mastery by all of you. Exellent, EXCELLENT song Blake and crew. Production really is brilliant.


08/22/10 09:14:19AM @bri-an:
aww man, what a great toon! love the "current drive" to this!...all along keeping the prog-rawk feel within...i listen with an envyous smile. TCP formula? ya, it's a ka-ching all the way. excellent works boyz!!!
08/23/10 05:42:27PM @tlt50:
I have marveled at you 3....for years now. Blake.....killar' bass groovin'....sweet tones.:)). The magic, of Jack's abilities are mind boggling.... stellar !!! Henry awwww man, incredible work. The pristine mix, performances and production...are fabulous !! WOW !!
Big hi5's gents'... I'm grabbing this D/L !! I need more listen's to really appreciate this fully... OUTSTANDING ! THX :))

Larry T *****

08/20/10 09:09:18PM @david-c-deal:
Great, driving bass line. Classic TCP sound and style with a little extra drive/power. Great trend guys.
Farrell Jackson
08/24/10 09:16:27AM @farrell-jackson:
Hey TCP how did this one slip by me for this long without a review? I'm slipping. I hear it's up to your excellent standard. Man that bottom end is killer Blake with the unison guitar and bass! Henry's unique voice and timing always shines in your songs. And here comes Jack! Nice change up for the slightly psychedelic solo. Well done TCP!



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