In the Movie of You

album: Fantastic Dreamer
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 538
creation date: 2010-09-26

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In the Movie of YouTake 1… action!The light is just right, the shadows are inYour movement is sultry get closer, your love is for himThere’s glare upon your...
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This song is to appear on our new album planned for release in April 2011. It is loosely based on the famous actress Vivien Leigh ( Gone with the Wind -...
In the Movie of You
Gary Shukoski
05/15/17 07:25:54PM @gary-shukoski:
Amazing journey this piece takes the listener on. I love all the styles and moods this track goes through as it seamlessly morphs from scene to scene.
07/05/16 11:09:21PM @moequinn:
I heard your incredible song on MixPosure radio tonight & was as the expression goes "blown away" I was & still am in awe as I listen again to this amazing piece of music ~ I read the lyrics & background history (loosely based upon the life of Vivien Leigh) Wow! how are you even this old to know this much about this actress - you must have read her bio ~ I think I heard the long version this evening on Mix Radio & I enjoyed every minute
09/26/10 03:00:19PM @tlt50:
I always had a mad crush on Vivien...~:)*~~ ~!! I grabbed the D/L before I listened.......because, I had no doubt this would be epic.Stellar, songwriting, musicianship and production...!! Regards and respect... gents..... awesome listen.....WOW ***** !! Major talents on this....exceptional progression....Blake, Henry and Jack,

Larry T

Rob Grant
09/26/10 02:28:32PM @rayon-vert:
Big Drums!!!! Absolutely a Perfect Production, in every way, as far as I'm concerned. This has it ALL!!........Powerful chord structure, superb guitar, EXCELLENT Vox, from Henry.......very nice piano sections......killer bass lines and tone. TCP!!! You're WILD!!! I too, look forward to CD II.

09/26/10 01:34:20PM @abbey45:
Awesome job, guys!! Another home run hit by TCP!! Love this song! Special effects, entire composition and production fantastic! When is CD #2 coming out?!
09/26/10 01:29:37PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
This is the real prog deal on every level - instrumentation, chords, vocals and effects (Mellotron?). If it only sounded like Pink Floyd one might be disappointed but there are so many other great influences bursting out - I for one am catapulted back to Oxford Town Hall damaging my hearing while worrying about my 'O' Levels. Great track. ftlpope
Farrell Jackson
09/26/10 10:08:04AM @farrell-jackson:
Great piano, keys, and sound bites entrance Blake! Fine story Henry and the lyric delivery just makes the story all the more compelling. The backing vocal melody and harmony just before the interlude is killer! Jack's tasteful skills on drums and guitar fits like gloves on all four of his hands. An excellent prog rock journey gentelmen!


09/26/10 07:34:12PM @david-c-deal:
To make any intelligent comments about particular sections of this song would take a book. This is a complex and emotionally satisfying epic with musicians at the very apex of talent. This song requires multiple listens just to begin to really "hear" it. Fantastic, lasting work.


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