Forest of Lovelies

album: Temporal Chaos
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 79

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Track #2 from our latest album Temporal Chaos . So far, the album has done very well, especially in Europe. Availability and critical review excerpts for...
Forest of Lovelies
04/10/18 09:30:35AM @waveman:
really excellent writing and arranging, a hint of old genesis. all the changes showcase each talent in the group, intently listening through this journey. a story book of music I enjoyed so much
carol sue
03/09/18 12:46:04PM @carol-sue:
Gary Shukoski
05/08/17 05:26:17PM @gary-shukoski:
The first time I found TCP, I noticed the genre said progressive rock and was immediately drawn in but I did not catch every track. I will not make that mistake this time through. Your music is worthy of a complete objective listen and I will be staying at while!
Doug Dickens
01/20/17 04:58:53PM @doug-dickens:
One of the best I have heard today.
Farrell Jackson
01/08/17 12:21:03PM @farrell-jackson:

Now this is a real progressive treat for my old ears. TCP always brings the best of prog. forth in their music. Forest of Lovelies has all the qualities I listen for in good prog rock songs. Fantastic work's a journey!

01/06/17 11:17:50AM @cooter:

Amazing, guys.  I'm completely blown away.  So very well conceived and delivered, a wonderfully moving piece of music.  Standing ovation from here.


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