You Can Never Know

album: The Way
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 633
creation date: 2009-01-03

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YOU CAN NEVER KNOWLyrics: H. Tarneckygeez… where the hell am i!you can never know how your life will gotry to remember that you’re not the only one stuck on...
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Special Guest: Tom Shiben (bass)
You Can Never Know
Gary Shukoski
07/07/16 06:09:52AM @gary-shukoski:
Really love all your stuff so far. You guys are the real deal. So many aspects of your sound have familiar roots from your influences, and yet you maintain a strong sound of your own throughout all of these pieces. A pleasure to listen!
P Eric Bailey
12/04/12 04:10:02PM @p-eric-bailey:
"Try to remember that you're not the only one stuck on this planet my son" I love that line. It speaks volumes. This is a great song.


12/22/09 05:03:22PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
More from the radio tonight and another stunner - what a fantastic chord sequence - this is Gong - from playfulness to instants of beauty and that true prog device of bounding through the changes but making it feel like an organic entity. Truly the trip. ftlpope
Burning Red Sun
06/11/09 07:41:02PM @burning-red-sun:
TCP....the progression and change up on this is very the lyrics are of luck with this great cD....Ken
04/30/09 11:27:29PM @slarou:
I am sorry if i ever reviewed this tune but if ever i did i have to add this....
This is the third time i recommend this song to someone want to "learn" about TCP..In my view..This tune talk a lot about who you are...
I love you TCP...You bring light and freshness...You bring a spirit ...this spirit DRIVES...You sound as a brick on the wall and a flower in the nose...
If I was not a fan...I could tell...I wanna be a fan...

01/21/09 12:18:23PM @test200:
Of course I like everything TCP does, its progressive, its heavy, its melodic, it reaches forward. Really liking those chords Jack, and your playing hits so many styles and fuses them together. I love the middle breakdown "are you still there?" lol, well you betcha. Great trip guys!! Sorry I can't give my normal play by play..but I have to shut this flashplayer off before I can write or do anything else.
01/10/09 06:38:11PM @brian-mattson:
What a great track. Everyone works so well together on this! Everything in it's place ... and what a great place it is. MAGNIFICENT Progressive at it's best! Keyboards create such a classic wash, and Jacks guitars are sounding unique and original as usual. I love the restraint shown early on. Here is another great track for Henry to work his magic with. A feast for the ears! Congrats to all!!!!
01/06/09 03:01:14PM @ts:

01/06/09 09:37:27AM @bri-an:
wow. every aspect of this toon is great! What a powerhouse of talent!
on my forth run!! just killer!! (you guys should ALL be wearing capes.) excellence recieved and admired. respects to all.!!

01/06/09 09:18:38AM @tcp:
In parallel to what Jack's saying I've gotta thank Quantum Kids for not picking up this song. For me, Jack rolled out another compositional gem driven by his very dynamic rhythm guitar. A wonderfully feature rich base for which to draw inspiration from the very start. Just knew this would be a fertile canvas for Henry's magical creative process. It was no shock to hear his amazing interpretation breathing more life into such a promising piece. Adding my few cents to this inspired work was pure unadulterated pleasure. Can't thank you enough J and H.

And thanks to the listeners below...your support is sooo much appreciated. ~Blake

01/04/09 11:15:11AM @zzaj:
Believe it or not, parts of this remind me of an (ANCIENT) group named TOUCH... great orchestral movements & superb recording. I give this one a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Rob Grant
01/04/09 08:26:45AM @rayon-vert:
EXCELLENT, GUYS!!! Well worth waiting for :-) Jack, Blake, Henry....Everything is perfect!! "Excellent" and "Perfect" expresses it all and I'm in AWE!!!

01/04/09 05:55:44AM @mark-reed:
Great track, shades of Ian Anderson in this. Been a while since I heard anything in this style. excellent number. Enjoyed this one brought back a few memories well done
01/03/09 09:15:40PM @wrightdude:
Hi Folks.... thanks for your comments! The music composition actually goes back a ways and was inspired largely by Tom's opening bass line. It wasnt appearing that this song would be recorded as a Quantum Kids song so I offered it to the TCP project... Thats when Henry planted it in the soil, Blake added water and it blossomed into what you hear before you now.... WOW! Always an honor to work you guys!!!!!!!!
01/03/09 07:52:53PM @david-c-deal:
You guys are soooooooo good there is just nothing for me to say but Thank You.
David C Deal

01/03/09 06:17:41PM @tlt50:
Blake and company..........One word ~~~~~ MAGNIFICENT~~~~~~ !!! Amazing work,musicianship,production,great song writing ~!!! Henry ,your vocals were superb !!! WOW... what a song !! BRAVO !!!
Larry T.....

01/03/09 05:40:03PM @dazed:
about time you posted something new :). awesome job by all involved. cool vocals, amazing keys, guitars, drums and bass. Not sure why but this reminds me of a cross between Jethro Tull meets Yes. Brilliant tune guys. Amazing arrangement and just a kickass group of musicians. Love the change ups in here also!
04/29/09 05:46:03PM @austn:
Bouncy moving progressive progression that this percussive guitar triggered verse ambiance is based on...super depth of textures and accents blended under the wordZ filled with lyrical messages of thought Nterpertation...luv the synth and string layering on the rhythm tracks that give such presence 2 the Mood of the song...the guitar holds it all N line and the FX on it with the moving bass lines R elegant...very "YES" like and ELP with all the flavoured transitioning...quite the power, Ntertaining listN...luv the heavey organ added on the last passage as the song MpactZ/solo's out...~Austn
11/27/09 01:47:28AM @marc-morlock:
Love the "YeS" vibe
"Are you still there" Great

01/04/09 10:32:13PM @henry-tarnecky:
Thanks all... your listening ears and comments of support are greatly appreciated... especially want to thank Jack, Tom and Blake for their exceptional chemistry on this track. Jack's guitar & conceptual musical design mixed with Tom's excellent bass skills are so unique... It was a pleasure vocally reacting to their initial creation and then to hear Blake's keyboard instincts manifest and blossom... WOW... how intriguing and sweet to the ears... a magic way to start the new year guys!!! Henry


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