The Forces

album: Temporal Chaos
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 330

  Song Lyrics
The ForcesJack Wright (music), Henry Tarnecky (words), TCP 2011just say it… it’s easy… you know it… you know iti wonder… how pleasing… the world is you...
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"where does the essence go...when will we ever know...lovers are only as good as they are" Henry Tarnecky (vocals) Jack Wright (guitars, drums) Blake Tobias...
The Forces
Gary Shukoski
05/08/17 07:32:58PM @gary-shukoski:
Ah, a simple little tune in 9/8 time meter. How can you beat that? Awesome feel and really great guitar work. Cool changes in time, key, moods and achieves an atonal fusion feel at times!
05/23/16 11:52:17PM @tlt50:
Incredible music..............never misses a beat ! Timeless....when done in such an amazing fashion. Brilliant ......ideas , performed, shared and brought to life. Remarkable visions..... in the theme you've captured . Bravo....GENTS ***** :) Larry T
12/13/11 09:52:05AM @vig-wig:
What they said. It doesn't force feed you the song, it sidles up to you and takes you before you know it. Vic
Mista Perez
12/13/11 09:14:43AM @mista-perez:
Top notch rock music. This is classic rock at it's finest. The drums, guitar, writing were all an earful.
12/11/11 07:18:29AM @chrickon:
Oh man! What a great track! Ecxellent production, arrangement and above all what a great performance by all!!!

12/12/11 09:45:57AM @josephrodz:
You guys knows how to do great music,if i know the bit of you on how to do great music my mind explode,lol!
I think the medicine to do this is a great guitarist,drummer,bass player,and a killer volist....then the productions flow and sound right.

12/12/11 01:11:36PM @mizieya:
excellent track.
12/11/11 07:16:53PM @tlt50:
"Stunningly Remarkable"....I concur with all those,that have commented....***** ~:)*


Farrell Jackson
12/11/11 03:35:56PM @farrell-jackson:
If this doesn't get those progressive brain impulses flowing through my head nothing will. This is an outstanding creation fellas!


12/11/11 08:02:47PM @david-c-deal:
The initial guitar with that big/heavy bass and power drums are superb. One immediately knows this will not be anything you've heard before... a truly new creation. When it gets to the middle lead I feel a smoother, rock power that sucks me into taking a breath and then temporal chaos.
This is a wonderful, unique and seasoned effort from some of the most talented musicians around.

12/12/11 01:02:35PM @bri-an:'s great to hear prog-rock that is carrying on the tradition of progressing. The time involved in arranging this toon can be heard with it's many zones and change ups...all long. keeping the topic up front...where it should be.. this comes off as a study of "wanna hear prog in 2012" ?
indeed... a collective masterpiece.

Fender Bender
01/07/12 03:58:29PM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
The only thing I want to add that hasn't already been said: I love the bass tone! And of course the performance that compliments it, or is it the other way around!? Nevertheless, I am envious. Bravo, Blake!
12/11/11 10:52:56AM @lucindra:
I kinda knew what to expect when I pressed the play button.....a production from the top drawer of some of the most creative progressive rockers on the site........the soaring guitar that started around the 3 min mark blended great with the explosive drum forward..........I'm still being blown away from all the technical breaks of this rock and roll musical roller coaster masterpiece !!.....standing " O " for everyone involved.!!


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