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<p>&nbsp;<strong>A song about the sheep-like nature of the general public and the&nbsp; increasing herding instincts due to the interests of others.&nbsp; </strong><br /><br />TCP welcomes the debut of Reid Tobias, my son, on bass. And Glenn Liljeblad is back with his lead guitar in fine form once again.<br /><br /><strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Players</span></strong></p>
<li>Henry Tarnecky - vocals</li>
<li>Reid Tobias - bass</li>
<li>Glenn Liljeblad - lead guitar</li>
<li>Glenn Arpino - mellotron</li>
<li>Blake Tobias - keyboards, rhythm guitar, song, drum programming</li>
<p>The sheep are a large flock in June 2004 in Causs Noir, Cevennes, France. They are wearing bells (as sheep often do) so they can be located easier should they stray.<br /><br /><strong>Consider this:</strong><br />Our financial records and transactions are constantly monitored, our medical records are no longer private, cameras are popping up like weeds to record events all over the US and EU, cell phones are easy to track by government GPS applications, and soon the US national ID system (Real ID) will be able track your whereabouts based on your driver's license. Virtually all email and any type of phone calls are illegally monitored most anywhere in most places in the world automatically. These are just some of the facts, not fiction. It is not paranoia or delusion. It is a reality many don't know or won't think about. Research it anywhere you can or at the TCP web site.</p>

01/15/08 02:54:59PM @ace-layton:
Really wonderful work done by all parties here Blake! Great writing and production throughout! Killer sounds and moods in this biting social commentary! Your boy Reid did a fantastic job, and on such a complex arrangement too! Another beautiful jewel in yout treasure chest of intriguing and inspiring music!


01/14/08 05:53:27PM @henry-tarnecky:
The rhythnic pace is great and definitely pulls you in and then the ardent introduced lead keys and guitar drive on with authority... includes cool wolve sounds no less ... well done!
01/14/08 11:54:37AM @tlt50:
Like father,like son...........great job, Blake !!

Larry T.....

Rob Grant
01/14/08 09:01:00AM @rayon-vert:
AWESOME!! Blake, you should be bursting at the seams, on this......PROUD AS HELL!! Reid did a SUPERB job on a VERY SUPERB song. Glenn and Glenn shine as BRIGHT as ever. SUPER SONG!! SUPER PRODUCTION!! Blake your goals are being met, my man!! Hi abbey45 :-)

01/13/08 11:31:17PM @abbey45:
Sheep - this song is hot! The guests you have playing on this song, Glenn, Glenn, Reid,! Lots of passion..........the song is complex but flows very well. I love the composition, playing, recording. Great job! AB


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