Henry Tarnecky has Passed Away

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Henry Tarnecky has Passed Away

TCP ANNOUNCEMENT: On March 5 Henry Tarnecky unexpectedly passed away. The band is devastated and in shock. We know there are still people here on Mixposure that knew, worked with, or just appreciated this incredible man's talent. We encourage any of you to please go out to our FB page and leave any thoughts you might wish to, in memory of Henry.

03/10/18 12:17:44PM @david-c-deal:
I had very limited direct contact with Henry but I feel like I know him through his keyboard work, his incredible lyrics and those vocals, those unique vocals. It is still hard to understand how such a creative talent can just disappear from this earth when so much was left to be sung. I am so sorry for your personal losses Blake, Jack and Glenn.
03/09/18 06:57:45PM @tcp:
Thank you waveman, Larry, and Carol-Sue. We miss him terribly.
carol sue
03/09/18 12:42:01PM @carol-sue:
Sincere condolences. <3
I've been listening to the music of TCP for many years.
Sad to hear of Henry's passing.
Use to play a lot of TCP music in my old radio shows.
Certain to be heard by so many and broadcasted by the Dj's here forever...
Henry, you shall be missed, and dearly remembered.

Carol Sue

03/07/18 03:37:27PM @tlt50:
I read this shocking news last night. Henry was such a positive person, talented, and very gifted. This is a huge loss...I can only imagine what the band must be going through. My condolences to Henry's friends and family. I'll be sharing some music tonight featuring this mans amazing talents.

Larry T.

03/07/18 03:04:53PM @waveman:
I remember when mix first started and tcp formed shortly after, all really nice guys and super talented. henrys voice was unique but so perfect for their style of progressive rock, always top stuff. rip henry, your voice and musical contribution will live on.
03/07/18 01:32:09PM @tcp:
Thank you Farrell. We were indeed plenty shocked. Now, we are just feeling numb. /B
Farrell Jackson
03/07/18 12:07:39PM @farrell-jackson:
That is terrible news......shocking in fact. Henry had a unique voice and was a very talented musician. Way too young to go. RIP Henry......

Farrell Jackson


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