Terry Wigmore
Terry Wigmore

All I See Is Misery

album: A Few Tunes From My Hobbit Hole 2018
genre: Ballad
streams: 38
creation date: 2018-02-06

  Song Lyrics
(c)2018 T. Wigmore Now when the moon is rising,blood -red, overhead,Shadows start to lengthen,Out behind the shed,A shining blade is wielded,Coming down, a...
  Song Information
Backing arrangement (Ray Brookes) Additional Vocals (Keith Allen) Vocal and cello (Terry Wigmore)
All I See Is Misery
Doug Dickens
02/17/18 01:05:16PM @doug-dickens:
Really enjoyed the mix of acoustic and electric ... nice tune.
02/14/18 12:00:30PM @david-c-deal:
Terry, great to see a song from you again. The lyrics in this paint such a vivid picture of the stark, brutal side of life with the underlying pain that emerges from that picture. Beautiful harmonies with your friends. Your work always inspires.
02/07/18 06:43:19AM @terry-wigmore:
Thanks, Andrew! :)
Andrew Yoda
02/07/18 05:44:59AM @dnacodex:
Hi Terry, Ray and Keith, What a wonderful song, a super blend of guitar wizardry, and lovely vocals/lyrics, I love the bass and percussion, this is such a nice mix with plenty of space and the guitar solo really shines, tasteful and Jazzy, with a serious theme! Cheers, Andrew


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