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@truevulgarian, 12/01/17 12:32:17PM
Hi Joy and Tim! I'm one of the DJ's on the site doing shows with my partner Bubba Reaves on Tuesdays at 8 pm est and again on Friday when I do my TrueVulgarian Music Vivarium show at the same time. You guys are incredible and heavily favored by my audiences. If either of you ever get a chance to come into our chat room during a show, I know our listeners would get a big kick out of getting to meet you guys. Super collaborative effort of the long distance kind that is common to many of our artists here at I have also had the pleasure of involving my little band, "The TrueVulgarians", in collaborations with indie artists throughout the states and beyond. Talents such as yourselves serve to elevate our community and we're very glad you joined us!


Bill Thompson (truevulgarianDJ)