tony cee
tony cee
tony cee

you drive me wild [ i get my highs from you ]

album: soul searching
genre: blues soul
streams: 117
creation date: 2021-07-15

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new song hope you like it , thanks for your time.
you drive me wild [ i get my highs from you ]
04/24/22 05:33:05PM @elh:
Hi Tony I was listening through you page of music to find one that I had not commented on. I didn't find one but I sure did enjoy revisiting your page and your music. :) Peace Eric
04/22/22 04:25:43AM @shane:
Lovely !
Michael Slider
01/29/22 03:36:42PM @michael-slider:
Really great music ! ❤️
01/08/22 06:25:04PM @the-jammiestbitsofjam:
i luv this song!all is great.
Rob Grant
01/07/22 09:52:58AM @rayon-vert:
This is a "Catchy tune" :-) Sounds great, catchy chorus, and of cours....Love the sweet Fender sound.
Rogue Fungi
01/06/22 04:16:47PM @rogue-fungi:
Love the delicious organ sound :) Smooth for sure, Thanks for the comment over at our page. Peace,Ricky
07/29/21 04:09:42PM @bustert:
it`s so a nice organ in this song- give a real good fealing!
Twank Whelan
07/25/21 11:53:44AM @twank-whelan:
"Smooth"s been mentioned, but it's the first thought that came to mind listening. Well done, got a great vibe goin' here
07/18/21 07:58:45AM @ronbowes:
Love your style Tony. Always reminded of 10cc. Another cool track from the Tony Cee stable ;-)
07/16/21 04:38:24PM @bad-love-junkie:
You write some fantastic hook melodies. Great song. I enjoyed very much

07/15/21 07:51:38PM @lorne-reid:
Ya got it goin on! Smooth and all the things that make Tony C a favorite
Farrell Jackson
07/15/21 02:28:46PM @farrell-jackson:
A very cool, smooth bluesy song Tony! Some fine vocals and words. The keys fill it out nicely. The lead guitar break was tasty as it gets. Well done!


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