Johnny Guitar - Harbour Tango

album: single
genre: Acoustic
streams: 18
creation date: 2024-02-25

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An maritime "Johnny Guitar" Cover with port atmo.  " Johnny Guitar " is a song written by Peggy Lee (lyrics) and Victor Young (music) and was the title...
Johnny Guitar - Harbour Tango
06/23/24 01:07:28PM @kim-d-groff:
We put together and composed perfectly!! Added to my playlist!
tony cee
02/26/24 01:40:38PM @tony-cee:
nice catchy tune , and well recorded . nice listen .......cheers tony cee
Farrell Jackson
02/25/24 10:05:49AM @farrell-jackson:
The obvious stated: This is beautifully done!!!!!
Rob Grant
02/25/24 07:01:13AM @rob-grant:
Starting so beautifully and really breaks open to a great theme. Your recording is superb. The music is tight and interesting throughout.Great cover!!!!!


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