headlines ft larycraft

album: tba
genre: symphonic slam
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ed-arrangement/instruments/production... larycraft-all guitar work... thanks for sending files jp, great finish!
headlines ft larycraft
Frank Northcutt
01/25/19 08:17:24AM @frank-northcutt:
Great tune, Ed. Powerful TSO style production. JP scorching the frets, as always. Enjoyed the ride. Good seeing you again.
04/15/18 09:14:45AM @waveman:
thanks for coming by ricky, my pm is broken
04/14/18 06:58:06PM @wricky:
I get a few new things with each listen Ed. a great mix for speakers or phones ,clear,concise and the JP adds are all savvy ,part for part all the way. Much respect for your efforts ~cheers!
carol sue
03/02/18 07:58:08AM @carol-sue:
Your talents shine in this~ epic!!
02/28/18 12:53:39PM @blue-sahara:
Mmmmm ... wonderful sounds. A tonal picture forms in my head as far in I go listen to this tune.
Very intriguing. I could hear a lot influences here :)
Really love the guitar being such a big part of this rock-orchestra! Truly enjoyed the listen!

02/26/18 03:55:34PM @mike-s:
That was a great listen Waveman. It has a feal futuristic feel... almost a bit blade runnerish. Excellent.
02/25/18 11:11:59PM @waveman:
awesome guys, thanks from both of us for such great comments
02/25/18 06:07:44PM @wricky:
turned out great Ed, hats off hi5's
02/25/18 03:17:49PM @tlt50:
I had to grab this one....Superbly excellent and epic. Two masterful talents sharing their gifts. Outstanding listen and collab.. ***** :)

Larry T.

sly puppy
02/25/18 12:34:57PM @emocion:
Nice work here gentlemen the backdrop is great and the added guitar is both tonally spot on as well as perfectly executed within the parts.

A texture that changes and flows building and dropping letting the listener conceive pictures ..

A pleasure to listen to someone creating a soundscape that lets the head cinema roll..


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