johnny dollar ft wricky

album: next
genre: alt radio
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special guitar work from wricky, pretty cool I get another session with da man!
johnny dollar ft wricky
Melani Cholie
10/20/21 07:35:25AM @melani-cholie:
In beginning it reminded me to thriller :-)) Very nice and catchy composition! Cool rocking tune dear partners! My like and a happy day! Special shout out for Wricky for cool guitarsound!!
tony cee
10/10/21 01:41:30PM @tony-cee:
wow love it superb mix and brill guitar work love the drums all sounds fantastic ......cheers tony cee
10/05/21 08:11:36PM @wricky:
yeap ,thanks from my side too guys and anyone giving a listen. I never know what the waveman is going to do on these things , but it dont matter to me , I trust his sparky creativity and it always turns out cool and hard to dance to :D
thanks man for letting me in there with you Ed

10/05/21 11:57:54AM @waveman:
hey joseph, eric and farrell, we're glad to see you guys, thanks
Farrell Jackson
10/05/21 10:26:48AM @farrell-jackson:
What a great rocker Waveman and Wricky! Love the keys and Wricky's guitar solo is real tasty. Has a sort of Genesis vibe minus the vocals. Excellent gentlemen!
10/05/21 07:51:12AM @bad-love-junkie:
What a unique and rocking song. Rocks hard but has one thinking about the words you are hearing :) Some fantastic dynamics really bring the track to life. Enjoyed!

10/04/21 08:52:05PM @josephrodz:
wricky is the man next to you...both KIKAZZ!


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