Wil Nelemans
Wil Nelemans
Wil Nelemans


album: Christine
genre: Americana/Pop
streams: 140

  Song Lyrics
What do you want to do ? New mailCopy Comfortably together We inhale each other’s breath Celebrating freedom And Matrimony’s death   We’re both on the...
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I wrote this song in August 2020 and recorded it in September 2020 in the Artichoque Studios in Tilburgm the Netherlands. It was released on Spotify last...
Wil Nelemans
10/02/20 02:57:53AM @wil-nelemans:
Well thanks for your warm hearted feedback.
I really appreciate it.

carol sue
10/01/20 08:50:55PM @carol-sue:
Applause to you on this amazing song.
So heartfelt.. it's contagious in the best of ways.
Your talents shine. Bravo, I love it! *****

Wil Nelemans
09/30/20 06:42:58AM @wil-nelemans:
Thanks a lot Farrell
Farrell Jackson
09/29/20 10:03:32AM @farrell-jackson:
This is a very good song and the recording is pristine. Great writing....professional all the way!



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