Wild SaturDazed
Wild SaturDazed

Day by Day (feat. David C. Deal)

genre: Progressive Rock
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We were honored to have David C. Deal add his keyboards and magic touch to this song!
Day by Day  (feat. David C. Deal)
03/29/14 08:43:34PM @dazed:
Thanks for the comments all!
03/27/14 07:28:53AM @the-truevulgarians:
Top-notch song everyone. Love the pure guitar tone and the sweet vocals. Cool retro vibe to this one...
03/26/14 08:30:58PM @david-c-deal:
Thanks cooter, Maurice, Farrell and Ron. I always hoped I'd get a chance to play on a Wild SaturDazed song and it was so much fun.
03/26/14 01:15:30PM @cooter:
A superb tune, y'all. Wild SaturDazed is already killer. Add David to the mix, and wow. Beautifully done.
Farrell Jackson
03/25/14 10:09:01AM @farrell-jackson:
Prog rock on brothers and sister! I'm transported back in time to the daze of the great prog rock era...nicely done!


03/25/14 10:08:35AM @ron-kauffman:
There's a lot of magic in this song!! I love the melody! Great vocals,everything about this song is awesome!!


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