Wild SaturDazed
Wild SaturDazed

Voice in the Distance

album: Ouroboros
genre: Acoustic
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Voice in the Distance
04/06/21 11:21:32PM @moquinn:
Another Gem ~ agree with all the comments especially @farrell-jackson and, of course, @gene-smith how I miss him
yep, need to make a new Playlist....

Farrell Jackson
07/31/14 12:36:49PM @farrell-jackson:
I love the kick off with the sparkling acoustic guitars. Dazed's vocals are exceptional in this song and the backing vocals are right on. A perfect collaboration with a very cool musical bridge. Great playing Sat and great vocals Dazed!
07/30/14 05:04:16PM @cooter:
So nicely done. This has such a fine sound. Love the song. Thanks for the download.
07/29/14 01:24:18AM @david-c-deal:
Gorgeous guitar playing with that magical SaturDazed vibe. Great work guys.
07/29/14 12:15:42AM @gene-smith:
Very nice track right here!


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