Wild SaturDazed
Wild SaturDazed

The Distance

genre: Rock
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creation date: 2009-05-16

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This is a tune that Saturated wrote and asked me to do some vocals on. Then we added WildCherry on Bass and created a new band calld Wild SaturDazed. Wyld...
The Distance
04/06/21 10:56:47PM @moequinn:
Wow! all the way back to 2009 ~ you guys & gal really should get back into your music ~ I love your sound ~ thanks for sharing

09/27/10 07:38:38PM @cooter:
What a killer song! Love the lyrics, which fit so nicely with the amazing playing. Wow!
02/28/10 05:58:33AM @digger-stone:
i still say this is one of the better tracks here on mix...

and that aint no B.S.


11/11/09 10:00:00AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
I lose track sometimes but I dreamt I had heard and reviewed this but it must have been on Mix radio - I digress as usual. Got one thing to say, brilliant song and so memorable. ftlpope
Blue Period Blues
06/08/09 08:17:44AM @ramperampe:
Hmm.Not bad for a budding band...Can't make it if you do a gig on Saturdaze...I've got to work , cleaning... water closets....
05/25/09 11:50:19AM @vesa:
You've created a dreamy like realm here. I like this song. Really good singing, nice tone...you have a fine range here, & great guitar complimenting. A most DYNAMIC song. I really like the guitar progression. Very good lyrics, well thought through...enjoying the tasty guitar solo, good riffs & most EXPRESSIVE. A really enjoyable tune. Fine chemisty happening.
GREAT! Looking forward for more.!
-Your friend. -Vesa.

05/21/09 06:07:34PM @alan-stewart:
first of all... love the name of the band... the song is topnotch as always from you three... great guitar, great bass, and of course great vocals.
05/19/09 08:13:30PM @bri-an:
Just love it! has all the right elements going for it....good to hear ya back in the saddle!!
WC did a great job on the bass....and Sat is amazing toon writer.... what a combo!
mix sounds good!!

05/17/09 11:21:21AM @digger-stone:
this is a great song, buy 3 very good artist.when i heard this the other night on the radio show i thought what a killer collab!
i hope you guys are going to be writing more, this is too good to just do one song. peace, and we'll be waiting for more.

05/17/09 11:10:00AM @blue-sahara:
Hey, what happened to my original review???? Oh well, you know what I said before, Dazed :-) I'd just like to add my congrats toward WC, who did a marvelous job on bass!! Great collab guys!

Rob Grant
05/17/09 06:27:58AM @rayon-vert:
Right off, Sat!..all of the guitar work.......playing and tones, knocked me out! I just found out that WC was a bass player, so this is a WILD surprise....She lays down a very tight, punchy, solid line.that keeps the song driving well...KUDOS!!! Dazed, your vocals are ALL "in the zone", as "they" say. I KNOW you had to be happy with how this turned out. EXCELLENT! A SUPER SONG!!! I am very excited to see these groups springing up here :-)

Incarnate Word
08/27/09 12:43:51AM @incarnate-word:
I can;t put my finger on it but it remonds me of a time in my life when things were easer and a lot of fun.
05/28/09 02:02:58PM @devodale:
You've created a monster! When and where is the tour? Sign me up! Excellent track through and through. Kudos to all.
07/26/09 05:47:47AM @robert-smith:
This is a fantastic sound - nice warm guitar and the vocals are soaring. Good song craft and tight musicianship conspire to make an excellent rock song.


09/10/09 09:58:58PM @bigpete:
great alt rock very classic seattle sound, love the vocals, all around great track.


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