Wild SaturDazed
Wild SaturDazed

A Dream

genre: Acoustic
streams: 205
creation date: 2010-05-07

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This is a remix of A Dream
A Dream
Queen Regina
04/07/21 06:12:29AM @queen-regina:
I heard this on air the other night. I loved it from the first note strummed. And what an amazing vocal. I dont care if its 2 decades recorded, it needs to be on the forefront of the greatness here. So I'm picking it to start our shows each Daturday night. #QueenReginaPickHit #QRPickhit #Gigglefitpickhit #GreatSong #Fabutastic #Inspiration Such a beautiful song.
04/06/21 11:14:35PM @moequinn:
Enjoying your Mix page ~ 11 years later & your songs still rawk ~ I may have to create a new Playlist in my music library ~ thanks for sharing & making your songs available to your peers & fans

05/08/10 10:15:20PM @the-bard-brothers:
Love the guitar sound. Recorded well. I can say honestly that the melody and vocal line is nothing like what I expected. I was waiting for a dry, growling delivery. But I can't sing like that either, so it's growing on me. I am trying to decide if I like the reverb on the vocals or the second lead more. Whatever you'd decide, I like using the same on both. Overall, a catchy tune, with the memorable sentiment of walking naked to the temple. Interesting closing... maybe reverb and echo it out?
05/08/10 08:09:47AM @bri-an:
This toon has alot of tasty moves both vocally and acoustically.
The melody has a laid back CA approch...and the whole feel of it is niceNcrisp.
Great work!!

Fat Rat Productions
05/10/10 11:00:26PM @fat-rat-productions:
Great song, super guitar and vocals great, nice guitar my friend. we'll get together some day I am sure. Rat!
05/07/10 08:42:41PM @avalanche:
Hey Guys...

This sounds really great! Crystal clear mix...love the acoustic guitar sound...and the vocals are super. Nice solo at about 2:45 by Sat! Yeah...this is really the good stuff. Thanks for sharing...

Hugs...Mike (NAV)

09/07/10 04:30:51PM @cooter:
Nice flow and feel to this tune. Love the lyric. Really nicely done.


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