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I come In Pieces

genre: Acoustic
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creation date: 2010-07-12

I come In Pieces
09/11/10 01:00:32AM @cooter:
Love the acoustic work, lyrics are killer, and the chorus is about as strong as a chorus comes. Way cool tune.
07/27/10 05:39:01AM @mike-lynn:
An excellent collab guys. Great performance in this little acoustic classic rock project. Cheers / Mike
07/15/10 08:41:55AM @josephrodz:
I'm a sucker for a good acoustic performance with vocals. This certainly qualifies. Love the slick little picking in there...
07/13/10 07:47:52AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Fairly straight forward tune but done with subtlety, that great voice to transfix one and harmonies to put the icing on gateau. Very catchy too. ftlpope
07/15/10 02:28:13PM @david-c-deal:
OOoooooooooooooooh! Love it, love it, love it.

P Eric Bailey
11/19/12 03:56:26PM @p-eric-bailey:
I was on David Deal's page and saw this as one of his favorites. I had to hear and and glad I did. Great acoustic work. The lyrics are exceptional and I always have liked your voice.

BTW, I read the bios and I see that the three of you fall into the "normal" musician category. You need to work on more lunacy to really separate yourselves:) (Spoken with the utmost of sarcasm)



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