usual situation

album: learning things
genre: southern rock
streams: 139

  Song Lyrics
the words remind us of, well, of different things for different people.
  Song Information
  collab tune: ricky - original music and guitars, larry - lead guitars, Rob  - drums, David - bass, Cannonball  - lyrics and vocals, Peter  - mix /master
usual situation
05/16/21 11:12:33AM @bad-love-junkie:
This is just great! Some excellent guitar work. Great all around vibe :) I can hear the Bad Co. mentioned ha man nothing wrong with that :)

06/09/20 10:28:28PM @moquinn:
heard this tonight on MixPosure radio
after 3 years this song is top notch & relevant with today's times
easy listening, great vocals, guitars, the whole package
awesome listen

Frank Northcutt
01/15/19 08:06:20PM @frank-northcutt:
Ah, I remember this well, Ricky. Great collab, with some great talent. Memories...
Doug Dickens
06/27/17 02:53:19PM @doug-dickens:
Great tune Rick. Love that great southern rock feel.
03/09/17 07:06:57AM @x:
how i missed that Music.......great see you here.......

Chris & Dimi

Gary Shukoski
03/06/17 07:23:42PM @gary-shukoski:
Kinda reminds me of "Shooting Star" from Bad Co. and has a Juke Box Hero feel in the first verse. Cool rhythm and leads throughout. Thanks for dropping by my page as well and welcome to MIX!
03/05/17 02:15:46PM @ronbowes:
Cool track Ricky. Great axe work. Much enjoyed and welcome to the site
03/05/17 08:42:21AM @waveman:
you had a cool arrangement happenin ricky, a good song, and you the guys did a great job of bringing it to life. I liked the way the song finished, as if the boys were all in the room jammin it out over a beer. I'm glad you're here man.


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