senses high w/ Bob Forbes and Waveman

album: unlikely
genre: collabo's
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Bob Forbes - original idea, drums, backing keyboards and bass....ricky- backing guitars....Waveman- lead guitar and lead synths and probably other stuff too...
senses high w/ Bob Forbes and Waveman
12/21/21 06:38:31AM @wricky:
Thanks Ed , @waveman
I like the idea of a re-mix 🍺 !
Wishing you and your's a Merry one!

12/20/21 12:23:49PM @waveman:
haven't heard this in ages, you guys rocked. still love that little riff at the end ricky. hopefully you're gonna have a safe and cool holiday with some time off. I should try a remix of this if I can find the master
Takumi Tokaji
05/26/18 03:50:06AM @takumi-tokaji:
WOW ! Great !
05/17/18 05:10:28PM @lorne-reid:
Nice work. It all blends together so perfectly
05/03/17 10:23:43PM @moequinn:
Wow!!! you go from smooth & easy listening to Knock my Socks off!! this rocks ~ this track has so much going on great collab ~ love it
04/19/17 09:04:39PM @tlt50:
Another fantastic tune with fabulous players. Bob and Waveman are outstanding as are you Ricky.Great keys and synth work...raise the bar on this track... Kudos gents....
04/01/17 09:31:11PM @josephrodz:
Great composition and production, sound real professional.
Keep rocking the world!

03/16/17 12:11:09PM @waveman:
whenever I do air guitars to your guitar part ricky I never miss that lick you did at the end, lol. little spots like that make me smile. rock on guys


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