The bleeding machine with Mary Shan

album: learning things
genre: instrumental
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Mary created this backing track with drums,piano, bass and synth pads and I added all the guitar parts
The bleeding machine with Mary Shan
10/03/21 12:47:07PM @wricky:
Thanks Twank , I always thought one of those backing tracks needed some grease , but thats how Mary wrote it :D
Twank Whelan
10/03/21 12:30:36PM @twank-whelan:
Beautiful guitars, you're doing that backing track justice!
08/17/21 11:31:05AM @firecircle:
Love the playing on this-sounds like a lot of fun to play :)
08/19/19 11:53:15AM @waveman:
cool collab friends, shans open backtrack was in the pocket for ya. you get so many nice tones out of your guitar stuff ricky, and those nimble fingers for a workin man, you must really know your way around a wrench, lol.
05/31/18 06:06:18AM @ronbowes:
The fusion style axe work is terrific. Loved the punched-out deadened playing just before the cascading piano. Cool.
Takumi Tokaji
05/26/18 03:52:37AM @takumi-tokaji:
Cool tune !
sly puppy
04/24/18 11:06:58AM @emocion:
Interesting title: could be a horror movie or perhaps a torture party piece !

Thankfully it’s a musical excursion that hits a rock center driven along by that rhythm guitar.The lead parts that sit on the top layer and played really well and they sing their own tune.Those insane little glitches sounds going on sound like a Star Wars droid speaking in tongues nicely done.

2012 BC
04/15/18 06:15:37PM @2012-bc:
this just kills Ricky.....WOW!
04/27/17 06:38:33AM @wricky:
Thanks guys
Gary Shukoski
04/26/17 03:15:05AM @gary-shukoski:
Diggin on this! This reminds me of some early Satriani stuff. Cool collaboration. I like the back and forth between clean and distorted passages and the pauses that let Mary's track speak at times with the keys and pianos. Like David Gilmour says, sometimes more important than the notes themselves, are the spaces in between them! Cool track!


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