Im wondering (cover of Mary Shan)

album: unlikely
genre: cover song
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creation date: 2018-06-16

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a cover I did some time ago of Mary Shan 's groovy instrumental. She has a page here still...Mary if you are out there , thanks again 
Im wondering  (cover of Mary Shan)
09/30/21 06:29:17PM @firecircle:
love your playing man
06/23/18 02:37:00PM @rs-cain:
Love the picking and the tone on this, very cool!! Production is great.
Oh, guess this is just a snippet, well, I'll look for the full version, really like what I heard!

06/23/18 12:29:44PM @shan:
I'm here! it's great to read your comments and I'm happy Ricky decided to post again this track. I really love his version! thank you!
06/23/18 11:15:44AM @wricky:
Thanks ya'll :) I found a link to the song elsewhere she posted and put it in the info
06/21/18 12:44:13PM @lorne-reid:
nIce work!!! Cool guitar tone and sweeping keys. Dig it!!
06/21/18 11:02:08AM @ronbowes:
Super stuff Ricky. Hopefully they will play the original and yours back to back on the radio. Would love to hear both.
carol sue
06/18/18 09:04:31AM @carol-sue:
I remember Mary from IMW. (Hi Mary!) Talented lady she is, and a talented man you are!
Makings for a fine remake of her tune. Enjoyed listening to this snipped sample, and look forward to hearing the entire version, nice grooves! :)

Barefoot Music
06/18/18 04:09:27AM @barefoot-music-group:
Hi Ricky, could you please change your category setting on this file to Mix Cover Challenge 2018 so all the covers submitted will be in one genre?

By the way, that Chat Challenge is a hit! Thank you!

06/17/18 02:31:14PM @tlt50:
Sweet groove with some excellent guitar playing.Cool bass playin' with excellent production qualities.
Nicely done Ricky.

Farrell Jackson
06/17/18 09:40:37AM @farrell-jackson:
I've not heard the original Wricky but this is a great listen and the guitar work is real tasty.


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