Satan's Gate - Halloween Song 2007

album: Dazed, Floridamusic and Warren Peese
genre: Halloween
streams: 469

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Our Halloween Submission for 2007!
Satan's Gate - Halloween Song 2007
06/19/09 10:21:52AM @mark-reed:
This one seethes with malign intent, great story through the lyrics. The backing is excellent Dark, but not over the top. Another supremely crafted number well done
stone bullits
10/22/08 11:10:38PM @stonebullits:
whats up dazed?

man this is an awsome track! the production is killer, and i can ashure you i wont be making an deals with the devil any time soon! lol

i love the dark stuff, and this is a fantastic write. you gotta know i've allways thought you hade a very soalfull and emotional style that is just fantastic! the guitar work is just awsome, and this over all production is realy nice!

i guess the reason that i never heard this is because i have never did one of these halloween song things, and it just never came up! well i'm glad it did this time. this is a killer song!



Luca Wulf
09/12/08 09:36:13AM @huge-artist:
I'm having to go further back now to get to ones I have not reviewed...
Still,no lacking in quality,and I do remember this one from the radio shows.
I'm not sure,but it could be the first song I heard by you.....
Brooding piece,carefuly harnassed power.
The lyrics and vocals,excellent as always.
Yes,making deals with the devil,or god for that matter,seems like a very bad idea to me LOL
I read once that most prayers basicly equal:"Oh God don't let 2 and 2 equal 4".
Dark and brooding stuff,could well be extended to Wagner proportions, a whole themed album perhaps?

Greatly enjoyed.


01/21/08 01:38:09PM @brian-mattson:
I like dark and heavy music, and you never disappoint. Excellent epic quality to this. Kudos for making one KILLER TRACK!
Rob Grant
12/02/07 11:09:28AM @rayon-vert:
I guess, post Halloween, made me miss this song......I have to say, that NEXUS Radio has really influenced me to get around even more. This is such an EXCELLENT track and I'm sorry I missed it. I'm back regaining my music losses. I want to THANK YOU, SO MUCH....for sharing your music. I truely enjoy my personal listening time with the IMS artists.

11/17/07 09:15:27PM @tlt50:
Dazed and gang............Well I tend to need a darkish,well vocalized heavy wall of guitar and bass.........with some excellent textures adding to the ambience and interest of a super production. Damn'...........I think you all just did that. Thanks for sharing !


11/15/07 02:29:47AM @shane:
Aspects of this really made me get the feel of Pink Floyd. And that's a huge compliment.

I like the voice alot. I like the lyrics alot. 'He'll promise you anything, but the devil never keeps to his word. You need to be quite sure that you read between the lines'
,,, awesome. and true.

cool cool song-- satan can go and suck a rock.

11/05/07 04:15:30PM @dicarlo-productions:

11/04/07 06:38:23PM @michael:
AHHHHHH hell yea that was cool.. nice and heavy
11/03/07 12:22:21PM @michael-nunley:

Good one guys !

10/28/07 03:52:26AM @mike-lynn:
Dazed, this is genuine rock sound with a deep haunting atmosphere. Great effort.
Somehow, personally, I still like your last posting, "Ride Into The Sunset" more.

10/27/07 09:46:44PM @stratoace:
You folks make some darn good music...


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